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Ray Ban

Customized headband, FN92 Vintage.

James Franco


Allie Crandell

Chloë Sevigny

Love this picture of chloë!

Team Christopher Sauvé

Christopher Sauvé

"For those of you who didn't watch her reality show which is the majority of you!), 'celebrity' stylist Rachel Zoe loves to say the words 'bananas' and 'I die'.

Well, a devoted Rachel Zoe fan (yes, they do exist) found out the hard way that she has those two common sayings trademarked - or so her lawyer wants us to believe.

Dayum, Gwen Stefani you missed out! Why didn't you trademark 'bananas'? We all know your song Hollaback Girl was the thing that really put 'bananas' on the map!

Anywayz, New York based artist Christopher Sauvé whipped up some t-shirts with those words to pay homage to his main girl only to be slapped down by the Raisinfaced one's lawyers. Apparently, since Rachel owns those trademarked words, you can't use them without her permission!

The smacked down victim said in a statement, "As a huge fan of Rachel Zoe I feel very sad that I couldn't express myself artistically with 'bananas'. But I have come up with this new design based on my favorite things from the 1980s... She uses celebrities every day to promote herself, and then she won't let a poor artist in the city do it in a huge recession with all these layoffs?"

"She uses celebrities every day to promote herself, and then she won't let a poor artist in the city do it in a huge recession with all these layoffs?" Sauvé continued. We thought Paris Hilton bogarting the phrase "I'm hot" was the worst offense of trademark's history. But claiming the genus of an edible plant? If we are indeed now in a time when people can just go around claiming others can't use the images and names of tropical fruits without permission because you told your lawyer it was yours first, we choose pineapples. Pineapples pineapples pineapples pineapples pineapples pineapples. There - it's ours! And you know what else? We live."

...I love to watch her reality show and I admire her work but what was she thinking?


Patrizia Pepe


"A new line of square shaped bags, that uses the same print design as real-live it-bags, such as the
Légende or the Cosmos bag.
It's also with a twinkle in the eye that the surrealistic universe has been highlighted emphasizing the gap between an object and its representation: Ceci est un IT BAG."



Lulu Guinness

Christian Louboutin for 3.1 Phillip Lim

Giambattista Valli

Walter Steiger



Ready to wear, s/s 09

L.K. Bennett


I got my headbands today. They are so amazing.
They are designed by Sophia & Louie Touassa.



Robert Rodriguez

Rory Beca

Marc Jacobs

Juicy Couture

3.1 Phillip Lim

Ralph Lauren


....A heart for Brad Goreski

Every boy should dress like him.


A heart for the past.
A heart for today.
A heart for the future.
A heart for fashion.
A heart for our readers.

Jupiter Rising


For more Jupiter Rising:
Love Electropop!


Von Zipper Jezebel Horn

Looove this blog!

Ali Ro





The Rachel Zoe Project

"I die". I really want this dress in white.

New shoes

Ballet flat / Yoko Yap


Galia Mac / All Saints


Do I have to say more?


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