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Birthday gifts


I wish you the best birthday ever!


This weekend:

Friday: Coco before Chanel
Saturday: Chanel at Röhsska
Sunday: Linnéa's birthday


Maybe a month ago I ordered shoes (photo below) from Michel Klein, La Redoute. I was so happy and found them so perfect. Everyday was one day closer to my shoes but when they finally arrived I opened the box and... they didn't look good at all. They cost 3099 SEK and I was disappointed so I sent them back.



Sorry guys for the bad update. We're thinking about a new start. A new design to start with, maybe a new blogname? Who knows what we will do, but we do have some ideas. Should we
start writing in Swedish? We do have readers from other countries but some words in Swedish are irreplaceable (read, it's more easy and sometimes more beautiful to write in swedish too).
We both have a lot in school but hopefully we will update more often after the change.

So what's new? My birthday is coming up, 27 September. My wishlist is a new phone, some dresses and headbands I've seen.
My mother come home from Stockholm today, she was talking about style etc at an exhibition where she met and talked, among others, to Isabella Löwengrip with boyfriend.
She bought me some jewelry which I really love, especially a bracelet with pearls.

My mother was told that Onmii board (photos belov) is really "hot" now. Maybe I will get one?
"The board has 211 holes. The texture formed by the holes is often associated with chinese checker. Onmii Flowerbuttons may be applied anywhere on the board, which will grant you freedom to organize jewelry of any kind and in any size. The board is designed to decorate any wall in any room without dominating the interior of your home."

Last night

TBC. Last night!

Swedish Idol

Fashion show

I watched NK's fashion show today with Lina and Lovisa. Here's one of the 200+ photos I took:

Save Anna

Went to the cinema this evening with my friend Lina. We saw "The September issue". Marvellous!


This week:

Friday: Go to the cinema with two friends. We will se The September issue.
Saturday: NK's fashion show here in Gothenburg.

This autumn:

Pete Dorethy & Band in Malmö, festival, hopefully meet Sally and Ayla again,
trips, parties, shopping and so much more.

For the moment

1. Listening to Fibes, oh Fibes! on Spotify. My playlist.
2. Booking tickets to Pete Doherty to me and Nina.
3. Ordering this swimsuit from Juicy Couture.


Taking a little pause.

Visit our 2nd hand blog

Mother, daughter

My mother

I'm spending some time with my mother right now, reading ELLE UK and
listening to stories about the old days. It's hard to belive that my mother
is 58 years old.



I'm sitting in the yatch right now, the weather is so bad. The shopping here is not so fun either . I bought a lovely blouse from Hunkydory and leggings from Filippa K the other day though. I don't even like leggings but since this town don't have tights I had to buy those.

Therese and I went out the other day and ate good food. The guy who served us was so funny. Or there was three who served us, the funny guy, the Rufus guy and some other. Don't know who got the tip.

If you have GT today, my mother, Elisabeth, is in it and some other I know.

Tonight I will probably dream about this beautiful thing from Marchesa.
Have a great evening!


Hi guys! Just wanted to say hello and tell you that we are alive. I am in my family's yatch (photo below) right now in Bohuslän. Earlier this day I was at Therese's and had a nice dinner and met her dog for the first time. Tomorrow I will go to a spa in Lysekil with my mother, go swimming in the ocean and then have dinner with two of my four godparents.


We lived in Soho, went to school at Davies St (opposite Browns, how can it get better?), Became regulars at Starbucks Marlborough St (the best Starbucks), partying at Zebrano with Swedes, screamed "So Sally can wait" with British people, danced to monotonous piano playing with Italians, got VIP treatment on the subway, panicked during the fire alarm, ended up in the middle of the Pride Festival, became best friends with a meter man, tried to rescue a lady who locked herself inside with coins, met wonderful girls who live in Dubai (the palm islands), has been chased by a chef, etc. etc.

Questions about the school, London, anything? Ask us.


What are your plans for the summer?


About the course:

Through practical workshops, lectures and seminars you will explore the various aspects of the industry, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities the industry has to offer and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

The course will include:

  • History of the fashion business 
  • Structure and current environment 
  • Analysing how fashions are designed & developed 
  • Styling and promotion
  • The fashion calendar
  • Fashion journalism/media & press
  • Buying & merchandising
  • Types of retailers 
  • Marketing & PR 
  • Sales & distribution
  • Show production and event management

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