My coats

Manoush, Marc by MJ and Diana Orving


Help us come up with a name for our blog. We want to change the name, the style, everything!
What we really want is our name, like or but says
they're already used.


Last night. Such a beautiful ballroom.

Toga Party tonight

More photos later!

Part 3


Part 2

Miroslava Duma


Miroslava Duma big accessories


To Lina

Here are the dresses you can borrow. Sorry for the bad focus.

Some of my headbands

Stella McCartney

Feet Fairies

Feet Fairies are fabulous lightweight shoes that fold into a small pouch. The pouch then unfolds to create a bag (portable penthouse) to carry your killer heels.

I've got my "Feet Fairies" today. Two pairs, "Mrs Fairy" and "Classic Fairy". They are amazing.

Mrs Fairy

Classic Fairy

My new coat


Family dinner.


Just cleaned my bedroom and dress rack.

Birthday gifts

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