Sophie and Louie Touassa

Headbands from FunnyPeopleCo
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How did you end up designing headbands etc?
I started designing when I was pretty young, I have sketchbooks full of my fashion designs for clothes. My sister and I started designing headbands just for fun and because we couldn't afford the designer ones that cost a ton, and a friend of ours gave us the idea of selling them. We had no clue we'd get this far!

Where do you find your inspiration when you are creating?
I find my inspiration in nature. I love to sit and look at the beautiful colors at dawn and come up with designs with the color schemes I see in the sky. Also, I love vintage fashions and looking at old pictures definitely inspires me.

Who is your style ikon and who would you like to see wear your creations?
My style Icon is definitely Betsey Johnson, she's awesome! And I'd love it if Chanel Iman wears our designs, she's just simply beautiful!

Will you keep designing the same items or will you take it further?
I'm so anxious for school break to start so I can get some time to design and make some vests and skirts to add to the line. We enjoy designing headbands a ton, so that will always be present in our collections, but we really want to add more spice and items to FunnyPeopleCo.

Who is your favorite designer?
Our fave designer is Luella, the queen of cool! Both my sister and me are super huge fans of her collections, my favorite is her Spring 2008 collection.


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