26/6. FRIDAY: London!!!!
29/6. MONDAY: London College of Fashion

We can't wait! This summer will be great!


I love the song "Season love" by Shiny Toy Guns. Too bad I can't find it on Spotify.
Here is my Spotify playlist again.


Today: Dye my hair and shopping.


Yesterday my family and I ate at "Hos Pelle".
I love the idea that we couldn't choose the starters and desserts ourself.
Everything was so good. Tomorrow I will go out and eat again but at another place and with other people.
If you should go out and eat in Gothenburg I recommend "A Hereford Beefstouw", Linnégatan 5.
It's my favourite since many years.

If I get to choose

SHOES: Louboutin.
JEANS: Cheap Monday, Sass & Bide etc.
LINGERIE: VS, Myla etc.
BAG: My Birkin.
WATCH: Haven't found the right one yet.
JEWELLERY: Everything simple in white gold. Diamonds!
CELLPHONE: Absolutely not my HTC Touch Diamond, hate it!
MP3: Old school iPod nano.
MAKE UP: Dermanord and Dior.
WATER: Addicted to Ramlösa Balans.


I wrote my last test today. 11 schooldays left. Now I will watch Stylista episode 3. Sadly,
I already know who won.


Photo: Lovisa

I fall in love in the dress to the right when my class and I was in Borås. If they will have a sale
I will be there and fight for it. Some of the dresses had tags with the price 50 SEK. That's so cheap!
They had a lot of beautiful shoes, hats, skirts etc.
Lovisa for example found a really nice jacket. For more photos from Borås visit Lovisasida.


Fashion and my new I'm not a paper cup.

+ etc. etc. etc.

Every paper you see in the picture is a paper booklet. For example I have to feel
if a material is 88 % silk or maybe 24 % cotton.


I'm having English in school right now. Our task is to do a show, like the news on TV. I'll be the host so I'm searching for shows on CNN and Youtube for inspiration. After school I'll study French because I have a national test tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to my costumier and let her make my graduation dress. Tomorrow it's a fashion show in Mölndal. I know one of the designers and Therese will be model. On thursday our fashiongroup will travel to Borås and visit the theatre and Textilhögskolan.

BEYONCÉ yesterday!

Food time!

LOVE that hat!

I saw Beyoncé in skandinavium yesterday with my friends... one word - AMAZING!!


Friday. Italian food. Family dinner. Lasagne with cheese and parma ham, garlic bread, tomatos and mozzarella.

Paper cup

My brother and I just ordered two "I am not a paper cup" I think them are so practical and cute.



Emelie's and my friendship bracelets

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it
back to you when you have forgotten the words."
Donna Roberts


She's not worth our time. I guess some people never grow up.


Photo: Madeleine

Upcoming birthdays

Saturday: Lovisa and Madeleine. Happy birthday!




Banana chips and root vegetable chips.

I've got mail!

"Welcome to our tea party!
Come have a cup of tea and check out the latest news from slowmotionshop!
For every pair of shoes you purchase from TOMS - one pair will be given to a child in need.
Or shop from our jewelry collection and you will get a 10% discount.
A great opportunity to take a look at slowmotion's spring collection.

sunday 29th of march
at 12am to 4pm

This is a one day event.
Location: gudmundsgatan / ågatan, göteborg, sweden"

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