Answers: Part 1

Why did you start to blog?
This is actually my 4th blog. I love to share my thoughts and blog is the best way.
Some of you maybe read my blog "Elegans" in the past.

What type of characters are you?
That's a hard one. I did a test on and it said that:
I'm populair, emotional, social, accessible, empathic, honest, hate to be alone, successful and unegoistic.

How would you like to describe your style?
Classic with a twist. A little bit of feminine style. Gossip Girl-Blair with less colours.
 Love, love, love to wear dresses.

What are you doing on your spare time? Tell me about the photos above!

I'm with my beautiful friends and I go shopping. I love to relax so I often light a bunch of candles in my room and listen to music and just take it easy. I also love to take photos, draw pictures and sew clothes.  My mum's a stylist besides her ordinary job so the photos is from her job.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

I love Alber Elbaz for Lanvin and especially the spring/summer collection this year because it's so clean. I prefer clean before overkill. I also like Elin Nyström from Stylein and Ida Sjöstedt.

Present or in the past?

More present than in the past but like a mix.

Which material thing would you like to have?

A coffee machine. I'm dreaming about my own kitchen.

Favourite TV-show and movie?

I'm in love with Italian movies and my favourite movies are the Godfather and the Italian job. I also like the Kite runner and the Notebook. Old movies in black and white are so cosy to watch. TV-shows I like to watch are The Hills, Gossip girl, SATC, Desperate Housewives (like all girls) Sopranos and Cops.

How old are you? School/work?

16 years old so I'm in school. I read Design-fashion.

An ordinary day for you?

Wake up, go to school, go shopping, meet my friends and things like that.

What do you want to do in the future?

Therese and I want to be fashion designers together.


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