Shopping list for a/w 09

Blouses in thin fabrics like chiffon with beautiful details.
One shoulder dresses and tops in different colours and pattern.
A black dress with see-through-lace-sleeves.
A wide skirt in purple combinated with a green blouse.
A dress in silver.
The perfect maxi dress.


Wide coat in black together with a muff in fake fur (+ one muff my seamstress will do for me)
One cape in black, grey or white.
A blue club jacket.
Over-the-knee-boots in black suede.
Long gloves in fake skin.

Stay ups and tights with cute pattern like bows or hearts.
Delicate underwear and nightwear in silk and lace.
Seamless bustier in basic colours.
A beautiful swimsuit for trips to warmer latitudes.

A beautiful ring, to wear daily, which has a history behind.
Headbands from Stacey Lapidus.

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