Photo: Fiorucci Vallgatan, Göteborg.

"Inspired by the tradition of the Russia Valenki boot, a felt shoe made according to a centuries-old process, trendy shoe designer Peter Schmid nurtured the vision of designing a shoe with a difference to create an entirely new look - and the Zdar boot was born! There are endless ancient legends and stories surrounding the Valenki boot that insist on its healing properties - for instance for colds and rheumatism.

Zdar Boots redefine the Valenki boot: trend-oriented, casual and
uncomplicated. Made of 100% robust, hard-wearing and highly insulating natural felt, elaborately handmade and featuring a natural rubber sole as well as incorporated hemp fabric, the boot combines pleasant wear properties and casual style. The shoes are manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards."
- http://www.globalshoes-online.com/

Will you wear the Zdar boot whis autumn/winter?

Postat av: Sophie

They look so cosy and comfortable!



2009-07-19 @ 03:46:20
URL: http://diaryofayoungdesigner.blogspot.com
Postat av: Patricia

Svar: Toppen finns att hitta på net-a-porter.com :)

Nja, de må kanske vara bekväma, men de passar inte riktigt till pälsar och kappor. Jag spenderade hela förra vintern i ballerinaskor då jag inte är förtjust i stövlar, hehe.

2009-07-19 @ 20:44:28
URL: http://wunderbart.blogspot.com

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