Sorry guys for the bad update. We're thinking about a new start. A new design to start with, maybe a new blogname? Who knows what we will do, but we do have some ideas. Should we
start writing in Swedish? We do have readers from other countries but some words in Swedish are irreplaceable (read, it's more easy and sometimes more beautiful to write in swedish too).
We both have a lot in school but hopefully we will update more often after the change.

So what's new? My birthday is coming up, 27 September. My wishlist is a new phone, some dresses and headbands I've seen.
My mother come home from Stockholm today, she was talking about style etc at an exhibition where she met and talked, among others, to Isabella Löwengrip with boyfriend.
She bought me some jewelry which I really love, especially a bracelet with pearls.

My mother was told that Onmii board (photos belov) is really "hot" now. Maybe I will get one?
"The board has 211 holes. The texture formed by the holes is often associated with chinese checker. Onmii Flowerbuttons may be applied anywhere on the board, which will grant you freedom to organize jewelry of any kind and in any size. The board is designed to decorate any wall in any room without dominating the interior of your home."

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2009-09-23 @ 09:09:00
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